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  • I am not getting any e-mail notifications. How can I fix this problem?

    • Please check your spam filter.
    • Make sure that the option "Notify me when the task is completed" is selected in your profile.
    • E-mail notifications are sent to the e-mail address indicated in your profile, so make sure you provided the correct e-mail address. You can view and change this e-mail address in your profile’s settings.
  • Is the functionality of FineReader Online different from that of ABBYY FineReader?

    Yes. FineReader Online was designed to perform basic recognition tasks. If you want a professional-grade solution, get ABBYY FineReader. It has many advantages over FineReader Online:
    • You can edit recognized text.
      ABBYY FineReader includes a text editor and verification tools that let you check the recognized document and edit any text and tables it contains.
    • Recognize documents in 190 languages and their combinations.
      The amount of languages ABBYY FineReader supports is unmatched. The language of documents is detected automatically, allowing you to get the desired result quickly, without having to adjust any additional settings.
    • ABBYY FineReader includes easy-to-use tools for archiving PDF documents
      PDF file compression lets you optimize your use of available storage space. The PreciseScan technology lets you improve the visual quality of documents, making them easier to read and improving the appearance of printed copies.
    • ABBYY FineReader offers special tools for processing large numbers of documents efficiently.
      The Hot Folder tool available in ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition makes it possible to automatically recognize all PDF files and scans that are placed in a specific folder. The Fast mode lets you process documents almost twice as fast.
    • ABBYY FineReader includes ABBYY Screenshot Reader
      This app lets you take screenshots of any area of the screen and recognize text on the screenshot. You can then copy the recognized text, tables, and pictures and use them in presentations and other documents.
  • How can I sign in using my Google/Facebook/Microsoft account?

    If you have a Google, Facebook or Microsoft account, you can use it to access FineReader Online. Select the account you wish to use on the sign-in page and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • What interface languages are available in FineReader Online?

    At the moment there are four interface languages available: Russian, English, French, and Japanese. You can change the language of the interface by selecting one of these languages in the drop-down list in the bottom right corner of the page.